Whisky Museum

Luisi, one brother VAFER cafeteria owners, was able after many years of effort, searches, etc.. gather at his establishment one of the most complete, but the most complete collection of whiskey bottles.

About two thousand bottles worldwide and makes up his extensive collection. National, Scottish, American, etc.. Request a mark ... and sure does.

And of course, from the lowest to the most normalillos prohibitive.

You can taste them ña mayopría well shot, the glass or as a long drink. Although, as is well understood, we advise you of certain grades up and "Cola" or "ice". NATURAL. Is how best seen nuances of the great high range distillates.

Also you can buy if you want, and truly normal price, a bottle of most of the brands we have on display.

Since they are so many makes and years of seniority within the same brand, is being developed a catalog only for information of all available brands in this exhibition.