Archaeological Tours

The Archaeological Route by Valles de Zamora . Vidriales , Órbigo and Eria , is a tour of the archeology and history of an area dotted with relevant demonstrations last footprint of the life and works of different peoples who have come to us as timeless monuments , not always readily apparent to look away .

The trip through the main enclaves proposes the discovery of a succession of eras and cultures since the Neolithic, about five thousand years ago , through the Iron Age and time Astur , the centuries before the beginning of the Christian Era, hasata the immediate arrival of Rome that forever transformed the landscape and history of these three valleys.

Dolmens, forts and camps , put up his visit with the didactic and participatory complement Classrooms and Archaeological Interpretation Centres , all done in a comprehensive program of activities run by the Heritage Foundation of Castilla and Leon , we provide now the opportunity to be the real stars of this archaeological itinerary.