Surrounds and Sightseeings

When we plan to make a few days off in a countryside property is very important that the surrounding environment or population that is located in the house or property, let us enjoy the wealth that this region has to offer:

Rich cuisine:


In the same population of Pobladura Valley can taste the specialties of Castilla / Leon in any of the 3 restaurants-Bodega there a few meters from the house.

Are these uses of old buildings that currently holds and the necessary arrangements, their owners have become quaint restaurants ldonde the most important is the high quality of all products can taste there.

BODEGA LA GRUTA: The first and larger. Their steaks, seafood and meats are of very high quality. SEE PICTURES

BODEGUILLA DE TOBIA: flirtatious and friendly winery with a friendly exquisite. The tortillas are made ‚Äč‚ÄčOscar's mother. Meats and sausages excelentes.Muy Recommended viewing pictures:

Tapas: In front of the house itself, in Cafeteria VAFER every day we make available a range surtidísimo lid, hot and cold sandwiches. Also at the wineries and other bars of the population usually offer good assortment of tapas.