Pobladura del  Valle celebrates its tourist's calls in the second or third week of August. Depending on that do not match other people's parties surrounding the influx to the people is greater.

The first day of the feast, that should  be Saturday, population, or City Hall, flatters all visitors and friends with a tasting of grilled sausage, bread and wine. It is a tradition that many even come from neighboring villages.

There is usually very good music that lasts until the wee hours of the morning. And also,usually coincides with an event organized by the city council or village pubs trade.

It is traditional Cover Contest. Week in which the specialty tasting each establishment or bar is for the occasion with the contribution of votes degustantes. Eventually there will be three premiso for 3 finishers. These holidays past is over 7000 vendiero tapas. And the winner was the establishment of the Pool Bar.

There are also summer events that brighten people's lives. This year, there was also the Brewfest. very original